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my attitude towards wedding photography


This is my best friend’s wedding and I am so lucky to be the only photographer in the wedding ceremony,I documented the whole preparation and the ceremony and feel it is a best thing that I ever did for her.

I treat wedding photography as a kind of photojournalism and what I treat it is a news, a impotant news about the bride and broom. And the photos will tell people more than a story about that day and tell what happened that day. My style is quite different from those people who take fashion wedding photopgraphy. This style is not very popular in China but  most of the Western people prefer this kind of wedding photography and everytime when they see those photos, the moment will make them remember some thing on their wedding ceremony day.

When I took these photos, it is my first time to document my friends wedding, but I do not feel nerves at all. I feel relax and float and I just use lens to record what I saw and what I feel. To catch the moment and to preserve the memory. I did this because she is my friend and I am glad to take photos for her and didn’t think about charge the money. One day shooting from 8:00 am till 6:00pm is a hard and tired job but I feel it is a previous memory. I realize who I am in the shooting and can feel more than the normal guest because I really took part into the her wedding and I was thinking, observing all the time and promoting myself in the whole community.

I hope I can still have more chance to take part into friends or people’s wedding, but since I came to Uk, I lost many chance to attend friends’ wedding in China and I am looking for the opportunity to photograph other couple but I still didn’t get the chance.But I won’t give up, I believe there must be some one like my style and will glad to accept me as their wedding photographer. I do this not just for money, although money is very important for me.I also want to have more experience and share the happiness with everyone on that day and I have a belief that when the couple get old, when they see my photos again, they will feel so happy and moved, they will laugh, they will cry, they will remember the what looks like in most important day in their life and then my aim is achieved.
























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