Enjoy the colorful life (besides southbank center)


The sunshine in London is so rare, after the long long winter, the cloudy day seems less and less from the April and when May comes, the real spring comes, which really give us a warm and exciting reason for photograph.

I went to Southbank quite ofter these days, one reason is this is not too far from my college, the second reason is I really enjoy lying on the barrier, watching the Thames river and the people around me.Every time when I have nothing to think about seriously, I feel it would be the real relax and then I can take photos as whatever I want to photograph.

Just like the color, not much, but enough for me to create new things.I like rich color,it always gives me a symble of active life.The yellow means sunshine and the red means passion, we need sunshine, we need passion, or, our life will be dead.

Uncountless people are sitting besides the river and enjoy the lovely day.The sky is painted too blue by god.No cloud, no wind. But I like it, people like it.


















Life is continue…





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