A small world’s happiness

I always have a conception, that is common people need more care.Everyday, every moment, every media only concern about the famous people in the world, the big issue, event, march, festival, leadership, superstar. However, the homeless people will arouse certain kind of people’s sympathy, but this doesn’t solve the problem, they still homeless, for differnt reason.They still poor, no one can really help them get out of their miserable world. This is common in China, also in London.

However, if we turn our face to the common world, look at our surrounding, we will find everything, every individuals, every family are just like a crystal ball.We are curious about what we see and what we listen, we want konw what going on there.When I take my camera and walk around on the street, in the park, pass the shopping window, I always notice people arround me on purpose, wonder what they are doing, and then, catch the best moment during their talking, laughing, expressing theri emotion.They live in their own world at that moment, and didn’t notice there is another person, who is observing them and want to walk into their world.

As I am interested in street photography, carrying a camera whenever I go already become one of my custom. Because I believe as long as I am keen in this area, amazing things always happen. And I am interested in common things, common people, such common, usual things seems very  ordinary, but some of them in my opinion, it is beautiful, it is harmonious, it is the happiness thing in the world.

Yesterday was a very good day, the sunshine is warm and the wind is cosy , when I was walking in Burgess Park, a small park near my accomodation, enjoying the lovely sunshine and looking at the enviornment, I found a family, which has a little girl playing on the grass. The girl pointed the plane in the sky and shouted, and her mother was so interested in what she is doing. Such a lovely scene! I didn’t hasitate and photographed a lot.

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