Pigeon and the boy

There are so many boys and girls, women and men feed the pigeons everyday, every moment. When I am walking in the park, on the street, I always can see people feeding little animals.But when I saw this boy, standing in the St.James Park, feeding pigeons, I feel it is the most beautiful scene of feeding pigeons that I have ever seen here.

He was so concerntrate on what he’s doing now. He smiles to those little things, the smiles is so beautiful, so peaceful. At that moment, I feel nothing in the world can disturb him from doing this.Even when he found me taking photos for him, he didn’t mind, still smiling at those little birds. I was so fascinated by him and this pretty scene. And I can not stop documenting this.Maybe only in such city,maybe only in European country or America that people can it. Beacuse I know in China, we can’t see pigeons on the street, even in park, some people earn money through selling food to people those who want to feed the pigeon. In China, people treat feeding animals as a kind of fun, but I feel in London, people think it is a natural thing to feed animals because if our city lack of those animals, our city would be a kind of death.

Those are the photos I took of the scene on that day.And I will remember the date: April.12th.2013







That is the end of today’s story about the pigeon and the boy, but our life is continue.

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