Emotion of the city-Uncertainty

I always want to do a big project about the city London, which I arrived last September and will stay here for another 3 years.Future is the most uncertain thing, who knows?

London is a quite modern and cultural diverse city,I can not tell exactly what is different from Beijing, Tokyo or New York, some people say they all big city, they are all busy and modern cities, but few people can tell the differences between them.I never been to Beijing city before except the custom, although it is just in China, although it is just 9 hours train from my hometown.But people who came from Beijing, living here said: London is more attractive than other city.

Maybe, the red bus, the red telephone booth, Big Ben, Tower Bridge are the most popular signs to all the people in the world.Even me, can not get rid of the stereotype, when I arrived London last year, the first place I went to was Big Ben.I remember when I was walking along the Thames River on the Westminster Bridge, the Big Ben is just in front of my eyes.I can not control my emotion to the world famous building.It seems all the landscape is not important, only the Big Ben is the thing I want mostly.

So, I can understand well that when people living and walking in this city, what a complex emtion they have.But it is hard to express, through the photos.When I walking on the Oxford Street, I feel besides the Luxury, I can feel a really complicate feeling between the walkers and passersby.I want to use my lens to catch the face and the expression on their face.There are so many tourists there as well as the citizens.Also some photographers like me.:) I don’t know whether such kind of street portraits can express the emotion of the city but I am sure these must be one part of the big theme.

This four photos are my final exhibition show.Now the exhibition is in the lower street gallery.

pieces21     pieces22

pieces20      pieces19


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