Woman need power!—Half day photojournalism

2013 marks the 102nd anniversary of International Womens Day, and London is hosting a number of special events to celebrate the achievements of the feminist movement and highlight the need for the continued recognition of women’s rights. Join with girls and women around the world on Friday 8th March 2013 at these highlights for International Womens Day in London, which include film screenings, talks, marches, exhibitions and more.
I was so lucky that I happened to appear in the area of the march. As a photojournalist, I won’t miss the chance to document this event.

But it is the first time I take photos for the march, because in my country, at least in my city, no march is allowed. People are all busy doing their own business and although they want to say something or make a complain, no place can be offered to them. It is a pity and miserable phenomenon, but we can do nothing.

So, I can say I have no experience of facing this event. But luckily it is not a fight, it is just a march and the theme is “woman needs power”to against male’s violence.It is quite safe to shoot those people and no policeman will stop you taking photos.

So, during the 2 hours shooting,One memory card was full of data.I changed another card but at that time I realized I couldn’t contuine anymore because I was pretty hungry and felt dizzy!

















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