Chinese stereotype:Lotus feet

Last year, when I was doing the project of protecting old Lifen in Wuhan, a middle-aged woman telephoned me,she said:My mother is the only woman who has a pair of lotus feet in this area, and could you come and see if you are interest in it.Of course I am interest in it!

The first glance at the woman, I felt she is a very active person although she is 90 years old already.She is good at talking and always feel proud of talking her past story. When we asked her if we can see her lotus feet, she was glad to show them to us.The first sight of seeing her feet, I nearly felt sick.That is a distortational feet, all the fingers except the thumb are forced under the sole and seemed has no bone inside.I can not image how could she walk on such an abnoral feet.However, what she said surprised me.She said it was not hurt at all and she can walk very normal as other person, quickly and without pain.I trust her because I really can not see any painful emotion from her face during the talk.And she also said “thanks” to the republic of China. Because she seems very satisfied with her life situation since the establishment of new China._MG_4521
It is hard to say how terrible is the Chinese old custom influence to those woman, I once watched a TV programme about an interview to the women who lived in a small village, all of them have lotus feet and only one of them felt proud of her “beautiful” feet.Now I found another women who is proud of her feet.We can say, the custom destory and distort not only women’s feet, but also her mind!


Luckily, the custom was  abandoned since the People’s repulic of China established.Although there are still some women who have lotus feet alive, the number of them reduced year by year.It is rare to find a woman still has the feet nowadays.As a photojournalist, it is my duty to find the lost custom, wether it is good or bad.Because it is a period of history, which is the witness of the development of a country. _MG_4581

The two hours past very quickly and I took plenty of her lotus feet photos.I hope to visit her again next year when I come back to China, and continue to document the story. _MG_4618

 The old woman and her daughter


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